Gluten-Free Homemade Brown Bread Mix

Gluten-free product

We offer a high-quality gluten free mix for baking homemade BROWN BREAD. Bread baked from this mix is delicious and healthy; with a soft and crispy crust. It contains apple fibre that improves metabolism and which helps to maintain a healthy level of good cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream. This is an ideal alternative for those on a diet, vegans and diabetics. Brown bread is a perfect supplement to the daily diet. It is also an excellent showcase product of any good bakery.

Product is free from artificial colouring and preservatives !!!

Product suitable for gluten-free diet.

Ingredients: gluten-free wheat starch, corn starch, apple fiber, sugar, thickeners: guar gum, locust bean gum; salt.

To make the dough, you only need:

480 ml of water ▪ 7 g of gluten-free yeast powder ▪ 20 ml of coconut oil (or other vegetable oil)

Nutritional value


per 100 g

per 1 serving 30 g

Energy value

373,88 KJ

89,47 kcal

112,17 KJ

26,84 kcal


1,20 g

0,36 g

of which saturates

0,09 g

0,03 g


18,10 g

5,43 g

of which sugars

0,94 g

0,28 g


0,25 g

0,07 g


0,15 g

0,04 g

Net weight: 500 g
Expiry date: 12 months
Certified gluten-free product
Store in cool, dry place.