Gluten-Free Shortcrust Pastry Mix

Gluten-free product

This gluten-free Shortcrust Pastry mix has a delicate vanilla flavor and aroma, and is the base for creating many types of pies and pastries. It’s ideal for creating crumble, pastry bases for: flans, tarts, cheese cakes and apple pies. You can also sandwich the pastry with crème or fruit preserve, or decorate with glaze or whipped cream. Thanks to the perfectly balanced ingredients, this shortcrust pastry mix gives a baked pastry which is delicate, crisp and tasty, and that does not absorb moisture. It can also be used for making biscuits using the traditional or machine method.

Product is free from artificial colouring and preservatives !!!

Product suitable for gluten-free diet.

Ingredients: gluten-free wheat starch, sugar, rice flour, corn flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, thickener: xanthan gum; raising agent: E500 (ii); salt, vanilla flavor.

To make the cake you only need:

140 g butter ▪ 100 g eggs (2 eggs) ▪ 30 g egg yolks (2 egg yolks)

Nutritional value


per 100 g

per 1 serving 35 g

Energy value

507,51 KJ

123,13 kcal

177,63 KJ

43,10 kcal


13,01 g

4,55 g

of which saturates

1,18 g

0,41 g


0,12 g

0,04 g

of which sugars

0,12 g

0,04 g


1,43 g

0,50 g


0,00 g

0,00 g

Net weight: 500 g
Expiry date: 12 months
Certified gluten-free product
Store in cool, dry place.