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Our fresh,crunchy gluten-free baked goods

With those on a gluten-free diet in mind, as well as for those who are not, we began baking fresh, gluten-free bread from our own mixes. In our innovative range of baked goods, you will find plain bread as well asbread with additional ingredients such as: cranberries, rose water, sundried tomatoes, olives, coconut and almonds. Our baked goods are characterized by a traditional taste of home cooking, and by excellent quality that will delight all consumers. If you would like tofind out more about our baked goods, please familiarise yourself with our range of products!!!

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Universal homemade brown bread mix

This gluten-free mix has been created for thosewho value quality, professionalism and the traditional taste of home baking. It is ideal for people on a gluten-free diet, for those wanting to lose weight, for vegans and diabetics.